Playground: No way to access recent (assistant) threads?

I played around with assistants since yesterday and just noticed that i cannot seem to find any way to continue “old” threads. So like the history pane in “Chat”, am i just missing something or does this not exist?


+1. And of course each new session will cost $0.03 per session :slight_smile:

You can create as many threads as you want, but you will have to store them in a db or similar.
So for example, if you create a new thread and add some msgs to it, you need to save the variable to be able to retrieve that thread later.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to see all threads that a user has created in the admin panel…
The same for runs.


In the OpenAI portoal, 'm seeing that the left menu item “Threads” is gone now. I created one assistant and one thread with it yesterday. I actually still have that thread open in another tab. Today in the 2nd tab where Threads is now gone, I created a new thread in the Playground by entering a message, but do not see how I can come back and access it. I logged out and logged back in.

Are others seeing this?
I assume it’s a bad bug they are working on fixing but if I’m confused, any help would be appreciated. I’m keen to try building a few assistants and testing them but don’t want to lose that work.

Hey, could you share the structure of that link? Maybe we can use it to access our own threads while we wait for this to be fixed.

Maybe it’s related to a security issue where anyone could access the thread by sharing the link?

The demo showed an airline ticket being uploaded as a PDF as well as an AirBnB rsvp, which could be a little too sensitive to be shared around.

Anyway I also just noticed it too

I have same problem … showed up after the downtime issue.

This is one of my previous threads from last night … now inaccessible. Was the threads features causing the downtime? The fix to remove it?

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Same issue here, haven’t seen the page in days. Did they remove it?

Yes, the inability to retrieve old threads unless you have somehow thought (a) to identify their thread_id at the time; (b) to copy them; (c) to store them “manually” before they can be retrieved, is a serious limitation. They are certainly still there because I have one old thread_id I was using to experiment with the CURL call, but no amount of attempts to retrieve a list of them has produced any joy.

Does anyone know how to do this? Are OpenAI working on an API call that will retrieve a list of old thread_ids? (We can see the assistant_ids under the names in the left pane, but nowhere are the thread_ids shown as far as I can see.) It would be enormously useful if they were/would.