Unable to download any files after some time on GPT-4

Whenever I upload a file and ask GPT-4o to make changes, and give the modified file for download, it does give me. But the same thing after a few hours, it keeps saying ‘Code interpreter session expired’ and when I ask GPT-4 to give me a download link again, it keeps saying it runs into some error.

When I asked what was the specific error that it keeps talking about, it said this:

** The error encountered when trying to generate the download link was GetDownloadLinkError.**

I think what you are describing is the same issue in this thread. Can't access files in code interpreter after a period of inactivity

Once your session / chat is over everything is gone. That chat will be useless going forward in my experience.

Same issue, but is not few hours, it can be 40 minutes. And the problem is worse what you describe, it will not be able to execute any kind of code (for example ‘hello world’ in python), not only what you gave it, the access to the code Analyst is permanently gone, and it throws: GetDownloadLinkError, exactly. It makes the GPTs impractical to work with for a developer.