Unable to access 'Manage my Subscription' or Receipts

I am unable to access the “Manage my Subscription” page to see or download receipts for my monthly membership. I am also unable to get a monthly email when I am billed, therefore cannot get a receipt that way. I require a receipt of my monthly subscription billing in order to be reimbursed by my company. If I cannot access my receipts, I will need to cancel my subscription.

I have tried to access “Manage my Subscription” on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and via the iOS mobile app. When I click the link, it redirects to a blank white page on each of the browsers listed above. When I try to access through the iOS app, it gives an error: “You can’t make changes to your subscription inside the app, because you purchased this subscription on another platform.”

Please advise on how to access “Manage my Subscription” so I can download my monthly receipts as I was able to previously.

Same problem… pls make a Ui update ore something