UI automation with ChatGPT

Hi! An unlucky subsection of my co-workers report seeing chat gpt unavailable due to peak capacity throughout the entire working day, monday through friday. I was able to make a bot that runs on a vm, scans a folder in my work email account for chat gpt requests, then when it finds one uses WinAppDriver to type their message bodies one at a time into a locally running chrome browser window logged into my Plus account and replies to the requester by email with chat gpt’s response to their query.

Those unlucky co-workers are very grateful, but am I in violation of terms of service for doing this? I did notice cloud flare blocks selenium webdrivers from being able to do the same thing. For whatever reason half my co-workers say they can log in almost any time any day even without Plus accounts, but I myself was in the unlucky group until I managed to join Plus so I empathize strongly with the unfortunate ones.

I have not compromised my account credentials either. The bot just waits during startup for me to log into my chat gpt Plus account manually on a browser in my vm. It is also limited by WinAppDriver requiring an active and unlocked display at all times, cannot be run in parallel, and types about as slowly as chat gpt so its max capacity is about the same as if I had a 40 wpm secretary sitting here manually routing requests through my browser all day long.

…if I’m not in violation of the terms of service, does anyone else want to know how to do this too?


I think this in violation of OpenAI’s terms of service, TBH.