Provide API Access to the forum

I want to build a ChatGPT plugin to enable in app feedback submission. I suppose I could use selenium, but I’m not sure what OpenAIs t&cs say about that.

Hey Champ and welcome to the API developer community forum :laughing:

Can you explain what you mean by enabling feedback submission?

It’s already possible to provide feedback on the chatGPT website (the up/down vote button in the corner of every message)

I want to be able to hit an API to submit feedback to this forum so that I can create a ChatGPT plugin to submit feedback with Chattie.

I’m pretty sure that’s against the forum rules since you would be posting anonymous feedback from chatGPT to this forum as a bot.

I understand that you’re trying to help, but I think you’ve misunderstood the main purpose of this forum. This is the place where people who develop stuff with the OpenAI API can discuss with each other. The feedback sections on the forum are here so developers can provide feedback on the API and plugin documentation. :heart:

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It wouldn’t need to be anonymously. I could build the plugin to have my credentials, and I’m not talking about automating it, I’m talking about being able to tell ChatGPT about its own bug and have it use my credentials and instructions to write a post.

I don’t know why a company with technology that companies will use to automate entire support teams would be touching about developers selected for the API/Plugin betas leveraging that same technology as part of the reporting process, but if it’s a violation of the T&C that’s okay I guess. Little ironic is all.