Typical response time for help requests?

Hey all, wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the typical response time of the OpenAI team? I know they are busy, and I know the $100 or so bucks I have paid isn’t enough to demand any sort of responsive customer service, so please know this is just a question and not a complaint.
I have searched forums etc. and my question is pretty hyper-specific (how reliable are API completion responses when the answers are available from the census data pre-2021), and pretty important to a specific use case that I have already deployed (I evaluate areas for potential new franchisees and use a couple of key data points). If anyone happens to know the answer or a better way to get the answer, that would be awesome as well.
FWIW I have spot-checked the data and it seems to be usually right, but wrong often enough that it is concerning so, even though I actually built a custom app to display the information on my desk top w/ 1 click, I am not using it as of now. When in use it took work time from 10 minutes to 1, and I do the checks about 15 times a day so… Ya would love to find out if there is a way to dial this in better.

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