Embedding API - long wait?

Hi, I am on QnA service using OpenAI Embedding API.

Have you had any experience that the api give you endless wait for the response?
If so, how long was it?

Haven’t got timeout error but long wait.
I will add timeout logic. But I just wanna know how many guys of you have experienced it and how often it occurs.


The other API’s are more prone to wait than the Embedding API. I usually get a fairly fast response. Is it a constant case for you or are these long waits sporadic ?

not constant. I usually get a fast response too. But have some people saying they don’t respond sometimes.

Just in case, I’ve added timeout when using OpenAI API. :slight_smile:

Checkout the openai docs, between timeout and retry function incase the output does not comeback, you should be able to cover all cases.

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