Trying to get the eyes right in Dall-E 3

I’ve been trying out Dall-E 3 these past couple of weeks, to better understand how it works. I’ve realized that it is quite complicated to iterate on the eyes of characters created. For example, in trying to create an image of cat, I can’t seem to get Dall-E to create proper life-like eyes that are in line with the rest of the image.

Image A is an example, in which I asked for an image of a Birman cat in a “psychedelic” background:


Already in this first image, the eyes are a very dark blue and lack pupils.

I tried iterating on the image a few times (below) to try and get the eyes right, but it never seems to get it. What I find particularly interesting is that the eyes’ color somehow reflects the colors in the background. For example, in image B, the green in the eyes matches the green in the background. In Image C and D, the eyes are bluer (although they lack visible pupils), but the background changes to accommodate these shades of blue. In other words, the colors in the eyes and background seem to be somehow connected when generating the image.




Does anyone have any similar experiences? Do you know of any way to effectively get the eyes consistently right?

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Out of curiosity, have you tried using the Dall-E GPT rather than beginning the conversation with ChatGPT? I tend to get better results in image generation when switching to the official custom GPT or one of my own designed for image generation.

Below are my results using the official Dall-E GPT.

Prompt: A Birman cat sitting in a psychedelic environment. Its eyes are pale blue with pronounced pupils.

Prompt: Great! Let’s keep everything else the same and adjust the cat’s eyes to green.

Edit: Ha! This popped up on my unread. Didn’t realize it was a dead post. Apologies.

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There’s also the EDIT feature now… You could probably highlight the eyes and ask it toredo them… quality better overall now, though.

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Thanks for the tip about Dall-E GPT. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will and check if I can get the results that I’m looking for.

It’s also been a while since I tried this, so maybe the “base” Dall-E environment is now performing differently as well.

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No problem.

As @PaulBellow also noted, there is an edit (inpainting) feature you can use as well, now.

If it has been several months since you’ve worked with it, you’ll likely find a few of the improvements appealing. Hands, fingers, eyes and letters/wording are all much less of a problem than they used to be.


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Looks like they have a system prompt to avoid making perfect faces, so it ruins the eyes for everything.

We use it for business covers or website media, but faces and eyes are hard to get right.

What it can’t do is give you an image that isn’t an airbrushed video game rendering.