Try to generate essay form the given Answers and coummity guidlines

I try to build an application where user answer some question and based on those answers our application build a beautiful essay

Q: what should be my input and output for this system as you can see we have Question and users Answers and final Output that we want AI should generate “which is currently written by our content writer” Question, Answers and final Output “Essay” is huge and API has token Limit

These essays are unique in every way because answers are given by the human
“as OpenAI says that the output must be very specific in a structure that can’t be repurposed.”
so our application falls into these examples such as a cover letter, a recipe that has a specific structure. same way our “Essay” has specific structure

Q: So am I think right or not this application passes OpenAI guidelines or not and yes this tool is not for general purpose only our team internally use this for fasten the process of writing and human is always involved into a loop

Please answer your opinion matters a lot

sorry to not mention “huge mean” 750 - 1000 words kinda typical essay it should be based on the user’s answers but better I hope I make my point clear

if you want OpenAI to do your homework you are best to look at it first like any other essay. How did your teachers teach you to group and format the essay? They also likely taught you how quotes work and the references.
What you want is to get your sources, get your quotes and then have OpenAI derive an essay. Then you’ll want to teach it to format it in Chicago or APA or whatever. I would suggest DaVinci and the semantic stuff, likely your audience (teachers) want a particular style of essay. -OR look at it this way, you need to ensure you generate an essay using the language that will likely and probably provide you the best score -AND won’t get picked up by over-priced-google-searching-anti-plagiarism software - uploading example essays that you know got As and example essays that you know are Fs will refine your final output.
Tell it to avoid the language in F graded essays and score higher for language used in A graded essays.


well thanks for your answer but my question is:
let say I ask you 3 question
Q1: What makes you want to pursue this specialization?
Q2: Elaborate your career plans
Q3: Describe the projects that you undertook during your undergraduate tenure.

ok and you answer these question thoroughly but it is possible what you answered is not so good in terms of “English or grammar” and your word count is also less let say. so I want AI to do some magic
hope this make sense

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It’s the exact same thing. What you are referencing is a user-interface.
The answers you collect will then frame the data you are uploading via the API for processing.
If your questions are career oriented questions and you need to produce a career story, then it’s a matter of playing around with the sandbox and getting the wording right with where you’d insert the answers to your questions.
If you want an essay, then it needs to understand the format of the essay you want as an output.
If you want a story, then it needs to understand how you want the story constructed.