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How to improve GPT-3’s output in terms of creative English and good grammar skills? I don’t want extra content but want GPT-3 to refine the output in terms of good English. I don’t want AI to generate create out of the league it should be within our inputs but being more creative better English and kind content lengthner

How to improve it?


Hi there, the API will match the tone and style of the instructions and examples it’s given.

Therefore, if you give high-quality instructions and examples, you’ll get high-quality completions. If your instructions, however, have grammatical mistakes like these, for instance, the completions will as well:


Sure thing. Here’s an example I just drew up in the playground.

As you can see, the instructions and examples are very low-quality, and the completion is very low-quality as well.

By providing better instructions and examples, I get better output.


I think I can give a shot at a theoretical explanation.

Language models generate output similar to the input, let’s call it a “similarity score.” If the language model is fed “low-quality” input and wants a high similarity score, it’ll create “low-quality” output, but only in the sense that it’s mimicking input.


That makes sense. GPT is adaptable to so many options, so it makes sense that it defaults to input->output.

I am using several endpoints on my mad libs creator – each with a specific job to be done.

It sounds like a similar paradigm could be used here: One endpoint to sanitize / reformat inputs to a certain grammatical standard and another to do something with the input.



Ok I completely get this good input good output
But how to do this

Let say my users answer some questions and based on these answers my content writers team “very good team” generates 750 - 1000 words essay

So I want to use GPT3 instead of content writer team

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how to generate an essay what should be the input and output?
currently, I ask users to fill a form that has 10 questions and based on those answers my team makes an essay so how to do this with GPT