Translation from Sanskrit to English is not accurate

I was testing the translation capability with gpt-4 model and the translation of simple children’s story from English to Sanskrit was inaccurate. The model appears to fail with the following:

  1. Punctuations: The model adds commas where full-stops are required in Sanskrit.
  2. Words: The model seems to sometimes use the right word for “he” (सः) and other times, it uses a wrong term स (notice the missing :). At a broader level, it is appears to be confusing Hindi with Sanskrit and hallucinating words that may not exist in either language.

For example, I translated this sentence (from some story)
"At once he went back to his village and returned with a glass full of milk. "

ChatGPT-4 gave me:
सः सद्यः स्वग्राममपक्रम्य पूर्णदूधग्रहणं प्रत्यादायत्।

Google Translate gave m:
सद्यः स्वग्रामं गत्वा क्षीरपूर्णं काचम् आदाय प्रत्यागतवान् ।

Google’s translation in this case is much closer to what I wanted in this case.

Here’s the prompt that I had used:

response =
    {"role": "system", "content": "You are an expert in Sansktit language. You specialize in wirting with simple Sanskrit that is suitable for young children."},
    {"role": "user", "content": f"Can you translate the following story to Sanskrit?\n{story}\n\nReturn just the translated story and no other additional text."}

Could I have prompted and made this work better?


Hi @akshayranganath

Unless there are very specific things the app would need to be translating, probably the only way here would be to fine-tune the model to know sanskrit better. Or use some other model that is already fine-tuned for this.

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