Is ChatGPT 4 significantly more accurate than 3.5 in Sanskrit grammar

I primarily want to use ChatGPT4 for training in Sanskrit. Im now using 3.5 but though it does know some Sanskrit, it makes a a lot of mistakes. Too many to be very useful.

I would be willing to pay for ChatGPT 4 if it doesn’t make so many mistakes as ChatGPT 3.5 in Sanskrit.

Is there any way that I can test or check ChatGPT 4 to see if it is significantly better and more accurate and knowledgeable in Sanskrit before purchasing it? I don’t want to pay for it only to find out that it makes a lot of mistakes and end up wasting my money.

If you already happen to know that Chat GPT4 is significantly more accurate in Sanskrit including grammar and translation please let me know. And let me know how you know that is true. Otherwise, is it possible try ChatGPT out on a 1 week trial basis to see how it is in Sanskrit for myself?


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So, as someone who’s studied applied linguistics, I can say with good confidence that GPT-4’s language capabilities are indeed better than 3.5. However, whether or not it’s good enough is tough for me to measure, as I don’t know sanskrit. Most people find it satisfactory, and many people actually do use it to communicate on English speaking forums when English isn’t their first language (or a language they know at all). So, that being said, I think it would very much be worth a shot!

Now, in order to try GPT-4, I would recommend setting up an example chatbot in the Playground. Keep in mind, the API and GPT+ are different services, but iirc you get $5 free on the API when you sign up, which should be more than enough to try out the chatbot to assess its Sanskrit capabilities.

Check back in and let us know how it goes!

Unfortunately, the free tier doesn’t grant access to gpt-4. however, if you know that you will spend tokens on 3.5, you can preload some credits and use the free credits on gpt-4.

all that said,

if you want you can post a demo task and we can do a comparison for you, if you’re then willing to critique it. I’m sure other users will find the assessment useful.

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As Sanskrit teacher, I can testify with 100% confidence, even if 3.5 is free, don’t use it for Sanskrit. I’ve tested all models up to June 2024 for translating back forth (both devanāgarī and IAST), including prompts like “strip out the Sandhi”.

Most accurate models for Sanskrit to Eng or Eng to Sanskrit: GPT4o, Gemini 1.5 (as Google has expertise in Language translation for years), and Claude 3.5 Sonnet (and upcoming Opus).

Mainly I’ll stick to GPT4o.

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