Transcription Failures with Voice Messages on ChatGPT

I’ve been experiencing a recurring issue on both the Android and iOS apps concerning the transcription of long voice messages. Often, messages over 5 minutes don’t get transcribed, leading to total loss of content. This has resulted in the loss of valuable hours of recordings, which is frustrating as I rely heavily on this feature.

To address this, could an option be added to automatically save the audio file if transcription fails? This would allow users to retry the transcription or at least keep the original content.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes i have been facing this since i have downloaded but tbh it worked well 1st 1 week it took my audio really well and showed quick results for lengthy audio too…but after 1 week i started getting this error for 1 short lines as well basically i cant use it. This was the only feature i was going to use the most but its disappointing now…and shocking is that no new update with the fix provided yet.

I believe transcription does not work right now entirely. Since last night in fact. Even a few seconds long messages hang until they time out. This is on both android and ios.

Yes. It’s such a frustration when I used like 16 minutes to talk to ChatGPT and it doesn’t come up with a word. but for me I think anything less than 13 minutes are okay. I have a suggestion here to make your voice into different segments and speak to ChatGPT one by one.