Tracking Cost in Playground

I have been building out assistants in the playground and testing before pushing to production, I would like to track the testing cost of assistants by end client.

What’s the best way to do this? Multiple API keys or Organizations?

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That’s really not what the playground is for.

The playground doesn’t use API keys, so what you’re proposing isn’t possible.

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The ability to understand how much services cost is an important part of being able to develop with a product.

A simple test in the playground can get stuck in a loop and very quickly use hundreds of thousands and even millions of tokens as documented in this forum.

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Sure but, again, that’s really not what the purpose of the playground is.

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Thanks Yall, maybe I should ask it a different way.

I would like to be able to track my spend in the play ground by Assistant, so I understand what percentage of my OAI bill is related to work for each client.

Does anyone have a solution for this, and if so how do you segment or track the spend?