Totally confused - 429 errors

First of all, this site is totally confusing. I tried ChatGPT to translate one function and it worked great. I immediately signed up on the Plus plan.

After a few trial and errors, I finally got my script working. But then, it stopped with 429 errors. It was only at this point that I figured out that the API plan is totally different from ChatGPT.

Tried the chatbot a couple of times and realized that there really isn’t any account support.

So I upgrade to the paid plan. No change.

Is there some kind of built-in delay or something? The rate limit documentation says that rates increase after 48 hours. But even in trial mode, I’m supposed to have 20 requests per minute, not 20 requests total.

Is this normal?

Are you getting the error with the API or chatgpt itself. If it is with the API then you need to make sure you have a credit card loaded against your API account (not the chatgpt one, they are different)

I get this error with the API. My credit card is properly loaded. I’ve spent $0.00/$120.00 and that’s all they’ll let me spend.

If this the case the only way I got the rate limit upgraded was to email support at openai.

It took a few days, but they did eventually come through. You need to include a copy of the error message showing the current and max rate.

I considered that merely out of frustration. I may have to do that just to get a real human to look at it.

To be clear, my rate isn’t “limited” in any way. My rate is zero.

I did find an e-mail for the billing department. I asked for a refund for the ChatGPT Plus that I’m not using. In that e-mail, I suggested that instead of refunding my $20, they could take my $120 instead.

OK. I found out what the problem was. My “max_tokens” value was too high. When it errored out on 1000, I just added another 0. Don’t do that.

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