Tier and message limits for a chatbot

In my experience, you go up a tier following both of these criteria:

  1. You meet the payment requirements.
  2. A month passes.

Basically you go up a tier every month after you meet the requirements.

What do you mean when you say “don’t use assistants”? I don’t understand

They mean that Assistants rather than Chat pose issues for you in terms of being able to track and manage every token that goes into the Input.

When you are using the API, you have two primary ways of accessing language models:

  • Chat Completions: Independent stateless calls to an AI model, where you are in control of every token of past conversation that you load into an AI model to comprise a “conversation” to allow a chatbot to understand what was previously discussed if needed.
  • Assistants: an agent framework where you “delegate the token usage” in OpenAI’s words, to a utility that will allow the AI to operate autonomously, loaded with unseen instructions of OpenAI’s besides yours, and within which “threads” contain a conversation that you cannot limit in size. (introduced November). It can continue to run tasks and tools in the background until finally having a response ready for you.

but i’m not using assistants

The usage page also makes it hard to discern the prices, with two tabs, where the monetary amount tab only shows usage by day, with models grouped together, and the billing has some delay in showing up there.

GPT-4 (full version) is $0.03 per 1000 input tokens, the most expensive model, and the responses you get back go up to $0.06 per 1000.

It is unclear if your 30/236 was a single call or multiple, or if you are maintaining a chat history in the software that grows. Even if you are talking about full cents. Here’s some idea of a basic call like you’d make:

30 * $0.03 * 0.001 = $0.0009
236 * $0.06 * 0.001 = $0.01416
= 0.01506 = 1.5 cents

But if this was a chat, you’d be sending back those 236 tokens and the prior input along with your new input of the next question in order for the AI to understand what you were just talking about. Input = (266 + 20) with another question.

You just have to trust that with chat completions, you are the one deciding how much to send, and that you are getting your money’s worth for the extra conversation knowledge if you don’t limit the past chat to just a few turns.

hello everyone! thank you first of all for helping me. I have a question:
On 13/03 I paid $55 for the OpenAI API (I am in tier 1); to date it works and everything is regular, I am in tier1 precisely. I paid on 13/03 $55, and on 18/03 I paid an additional $90. Now, however, as rate limits I am at $97 out of $120 which is my limit, and I cannot increase it (surely because being in tier 1, I was reading from the pages you proposed, I have a maximum rate limit of $100 monthly, while already in intier 2 I have $500 monthly). The problem is that from the first payment, i.e. 13/03, to today (16:00 hours in Italy), I have not yet moved to tier 2. Yet it has been 7 days and I have spent more than $50. The risk and fear I have is that tomorrow, coming to the limit of $120 out of $120 (my maximum that does not let me increase), my bot will stop working. In your opinion, in such a situation, when can I move to level 2?

I thank you!

The first payment requires 7+ days to age before your further payments will trigger any further increase in tier or monthly limit.

This system is precisely so that a brand new account with a stolen or fraudulent payment method can’t make a massive amount of usage charges before payment method problems are detected. The account has to earn some trust from time before eligible to move up in tier.

So you can make another small payment tomorrow or after - or as much as will fund this continued use, and by 13 + 8 = 21 your payment should then cause a tier bump, and if the amount paid total is over $100, it should get you to tier 3.

hi __j, thank you for your reply.
However I kindly point out to you how I have already spent over $100, (I made two payments: one on 13/03 with $55 and another on 18/03 with $91).
So I am well over $100, and it has been over 7 days.
A further payment to OpenAI I personally would like to avoid if possible, as precisely, I am already over $100 paid.
Could it be that they are “unsmooth” in meeting the timelines accurately? That is, maybe they will let me go into tier 2 today 21/03 or tomorrow 22/03?
I don’t know, what do you guys say about that?