Shifting between tier 2 to tier 3

I am using gpt-4-vision-preview.
1-I need to confirm that if I ma currently on tier 2 and have 1000 limits per day and send request more than 1000 in a day than I will automatically move to tier 3?
2-If I move tier 3 and want to comeback tier 2. How can I do that?
3-How can I stop to move tier 2 to tier 3?
4-How can I check my daily remining request to avoid shifting tier?

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Why would you want to not move to tier 3?

There are literally no disadvantages to being in a higher tier. You are not charged for resources you don’t use, no matter what tier you’re in.

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Thanks for replying. It means if I don’t send request more than 1000 than I will not charge as tier 3? Charges depend upon daily base?
Can you please answer the remaining points?

You will be charged for what you use. Whether you are tier 1 or tier 5, it doesn’t matter, it makes no difference. If you consume 5000 tokens, you will be charged for 5000 tokens. If you consume a million tokens, you will be charged for a million tokens.

You aren’t charged per request, you are charged by tokens.

I’m not aware of a possibility to get downgraded in terms of tier.

Again thanks!
How can check, how tokens I have consumed in a day?


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