Three-way chat for ChatGPT couples therapy

Hi! We’ve developed a collection of ‘spiritual wellness’ chatbots (link), including several focused on love and relationship advice. I’m trying to think through how to facilitate a chat version of couples therapy, with ChatGPT serving as the facilitator in a three-way discussion with two humans (a couple). Any ideas? Have you come across any ‘group chat’ applications? Thanks in advance!

I think you’re bumping up really hard against the limits of what OpenAI will allow developers to do with their models.

I’m reasonably certain once you start offering any kind of “therapy” services you’ll be well and truly over the line.

You could try the davinci model, which is heavily customizable. Here’s something I coached from a random transcript: OpenAI Platform

You can replace the transcript and intro with whatever you like.

Though like @elmstedt said, you might want to check the policies: Usage policies

They seem to have loosened it up a bit lately, but you’d probably want to specifically stay away from sexual love (romantic should be okay) and diagnosis/treatment of a mental condition.