This is brilliant for people with ADHD!

I love this. At first i wasn’t sure as i thought that everyone would have the same text, but because it’s so easy to direct and apply caveats the words become ours. In fact i have taken 3 versions and created my own from that, gone back and adjusted a sentence in Chat. For writing webpages with content talking about me is quite difficult, because this is not me writing but directing, i can acutaly do it.

One of the problems with ADHD is just getting started due to the lack of ideas, but because we have so many of them. The real problem is in decision making, rushing and thinking that i idea we talked about in our heads has been written down. Meandering texts, no really summary and often a mess of tangents on tangents.

What Chat GPT has does is given me a massive starting point that i can adapt. The creative part of my brain that’s chatting to me about 10 different ideas, 5 songs (3 of which have merged badly), what i’m doing tomorrow, ooh shit i forgot to do that on the site etc which means i never write anything and just put it off. With Chat GPT it writes the stuff whilst my distracted bored brain can play with ideas and thus satisfied. Also i feel like i created it, even if i didn’t write the actual words.

Thanks and can’t wait for the subscription, for me it’s been liberating.


i’m not the only one to think this! The Chat AI is the squirrel.

A good article FE News | Chat-GPT- is this an alert for changes in the way we deliver education?

Will ChatGPT be our new ghost copywriter or just put us all out of work?

No! We are so creative.

I made a song about ChatGPT and I also wrote the book ‘How to focus and get work done in a Microsoft work environment’.

Listen now to my song about refocus:

You may listen to it, watch it, use it, or use the mp3 FREE:


This was a gorgeous post thank you so much for making it. Have you encountered any more threads about ChatGPT and ADHD?

Not since then but Chat has allowed me to write various posts and emails, website pages etc.

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