There was an error generating a response - still deducting it from my 40 msg quota

I believe there is a big problem with ChatGPT.

Regardless of whether ChatGPT says “There was an error generating a response” (which it does at the moment), you guys are subtracting it from my 40 msg quota.

Your app doesn’t work and I am the one responsible for it?

Good question. Openai must reply to this

Well, maybe the usage accounting system is down also during this extended outage that is being faced by pretty much everybody :smiling_face:

Or backend AI services will be down for three hours anyway. :sob:

You can monitor the status and the forum for updates. Or just make requests at 180 minutes / 40 requests = 4.5 minutes writing and reading each.

The problem is what the manager wants me to achieve.

He expects me to complete 30 specific tasks within the 40-message limit. However, if OpenAI is not functioning correctly and I have to keep retrying, I risk losing my quota (40 msg) and being unable to finish the tasks.

Do note that my assigned task involves working with custom code snippets, not writing blog posts or similar content.

I apologize if my question has offended anyone.

For coding, you might investigate funding and then using the API. Besides that you have basically unlimited single user chat input as long as you are willing to pay for the data, you can also select higher-quality models for coding than ChatGPT offers, such as gpt-4-0314 (if you used it before an access cutoff at the start of January).

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I experience the same thing. Too many “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.” and very few answers. Long long waits, especially in long contexts (that may be helpful) and soon 40 message quota. OpenAI should at least fix the quota problem