The worst Captcha known to mankind

You might have the best LLM on the marked, but you also have to worst Captcha ever! I would rather sit for 10 minutes clicking on fire hydrants and traffic lights
Its not because the task of the Captcha is hard, but the pictures it generates are so hard to see what symbol is what

Naturally I went to Bard instead where I gave the model top quality feedback for all of its answers

pic rel is of the Captcha


The picture that I choose is a bit misleading if you haven’t seen the captcha before.
It looks something like this:


A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge–response test used in computing to determine whether the user is human in order to deter bot attacks and spam.

For some reason chatgpt never ask Captcha from me. I know sometime its become very annoying.

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I have failed this twice now. I am going to cancel my sub if I can’t even get to the LLM due to these captchas. These are at DRM level where you’re punishing actual paying users in attempts to prevent bots.

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Mine went away after some time
Its probably them collecting some data so they can use it in a new ‘AI’ project

These are just stupid captchas. They have clogged my work and I can’t pass them. How do they even make sense?

Is Cloudflare is sending these to us? Why people why? :weary:

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Solving these takes way too long. I almost gave up today tbh. Makes me consider switch to another service which actually lets me spend more time with the chatbot than captcha.

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Harvard PhDs in machine learning computer science: “I don’t see the problem”

What’s happening with your service, and how to use it, I don’t understand why there are so many captchas? I have to solve them every 2-3 minutes, even though I have a paid subscription.