The 'Regenerate' button has disappeared

It was super useful.

Could you bring it back? At least for ChatGPT Plus members?

It takes multiple times for the AI to give me the perfect text, I really need it, it’s why I’m paying.


This feature is currently still available to me. Though, it does seem to disappear sporadically. When that happens, as a workaround, I click the “Edit” button for the last prompt and then “Save & submit” to regenerate.

It’s back now. ChatGPT is 100x times better with it. I also don’t know why we do not have a copy to clipboard button.

It has disappeared again. I’m wondering if they remove the button when the traffic is too high? :frowning:

That’s possible. But when this happens, you can still use the workaround with one extra click.


That’s an interesting idea. Are you trying to copy your input or ChatGPT’s response? What do you usually do with the copied text? PS- I’m developing a “power tool” for conversational chat interfaces like ChatGPT, so I’m curious if this is a feature that I should be considering.

Hello, it happened to me, and it doesn’t seem to work, it seems to be an account related issue, and I’m kinda getting desperate as the button just dissapeared

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Do you have two edit buttons as well? It’s happening to me right now

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I can confirm it went away. It was coming up for every past chat that I clicked on. Then I did a hard refresh of the browser, and the button is gone.

The continue button when hitting the output limit is also not produced.

Good news though: the stupid gradient and the blocking area element above the input box that contained the buttons and the prompt tips is also reduced without the buttons waiting to be made visible (but still blocks the scroll bar). Relevant historic chat recalled along with display:

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Here a screenshot of the issue:

Pardon my ignorance jeje, what does that mean? And also, it happened in my whole account, not only my browser

It means that if you were a frequent user of ChatGPT on the desktop, the area where buttons would appear was always there, half-hidden, appearing invisibly in front of and blocking the text behind it so it couldn’t be selected, either to copy or highlight the text, or return focus to the scroll area so it would respond to arrow keys to scroll. The full width area at the bottom of the display even extends to cover up the bottom of the scroll bar, so you can’t even grab the slider.

Removing the buttons (and yes, they are gone, there’s no HTML code to make buttons any more) means the background behind the input box doesn’t grow in height to accommodate hidden buttons and block the text.

There’s possibly some better plan of where to put the buttons for stop, continue generation, regenerate. Or some CEO got just as annoyed and said “fix this now”.

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How can we fix this, I’m getting kinda stressed by now, cause honestly I use ChaGPT to create stories cause that’s my comfort and this is really, really stressing me

Let the AI tire itself out writing all it wants. If you don’t like what it is producing or produced, instead of just “stop” or “regenerate”, how about going up to your question that solicited the bad answer, finding the edit button for the input (hidden on the right in a full-width window), and then editing to write a better question to get the output you wanted?

But how can I do that if the button is still not there, regenerate and stop-generating both dissapeared completely as shown in the screenshot

Got some sweet keyboard shortcuts for the haxxors. Yet no regenerate shortcut :pensive: (This may have existed for a while, just surprised that there’s no regenerate option)

The regenertae button has also disappeared for me, and is showing two edit buttons

Let’s just wait they fix it… but thanks…plus this just happens in all my devices, it’s more like an account thing… :pensive:

Excuse me, what do you mean by two edit buttons?

Well, this is interesting:

You can click the edit button and re-send the message to imitate the “Refresh” button.