The OpenAI API is now more affordable

We are excited to share that we are reducing the price per token for our standard GPT-3 models and Embedding models!

Please find our new pricing below, effective beginning September 1, 2022 00:00:00 UTC. You can also find more details on our Pricing page. Note that this pricing change does not affect fine-tuned models.

Model Before On Sept 1
Davinci $0.06 / 1k tokens $0.02 / 1k tokens
Curie $0.006 / 1k tokens $0.002 / 1k tokens
Babbage $0.0012 / 1k tokens $0.0005 / 1k tokens
Ada $0.0008 / 1k tokens $0.0004 / 1k tokens
Davinci Embeddings $0.6 / 1k tokens $0.2 / 1k tokens
Curie Embeddings $0.06 / 1k tokens $0.02 / 1k tokens
Babbage Embeddings $0.012 / 1k tokens $0.005 / 1k tokens
Ada Embeddings $0.008 / 1k tokens $0.004 / 1k tokens

We have been looking forward to this change for a long time. Our teams have made incredible progress in making our models more efficient to run, which has reduced the cost it takes to serve them.

Our hope is that even more developers will now be able to experiment and build on top of our API so that more people can access the benefits of powerful AI.

Thank you for being an API user. Please check out our FAQ and contact us through our help center if you have any other questions.



Nice. Many thanks.

Will fine-tune models go down in the future?

Thanks again. Good news.


Thank you much needed.

Really great to see this finally as competition in the space has been rampant and much cheaper alternatives arise. Would love to hear if there is the same intentions with fine-tuned models as those are the real wallet eaters.

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Yes! This is only an initial step towards making our API more accessible. We plan to make similar investments to reduce the price of our fine-tuned models.


Great~! Thank you for the team.

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Great news, and thanks for the advance notice. Helps with planning to know we should hold off on the major experiments until Sept. 1st :stuck_out_tongue: