Updates to Fine Tuning API

Just got an email about new pricing/plan updates to the fine tuning API.

Think all of this is a great idea and very developer friendly.


Yes this is important subtext here, tomorrow I’ll do some math to see how much my previous fine tuning data attempts would cost me under the new plan.


Currently there is no fee for fine-tuning the model itself, however we will be introducing a fee for this starting December 8th 2021 at 00:00 UTC. After this time, trained tokens will be billed at 50% the base model inference rate per 1k tokens (trained tokens = tokens in file * epochs).

I understand this as:
1st epoch of model: 50% of current rate
2nd epoch of model: 100% of current rate
3rd epoch of model: 150% of current rate
4th epoch of model: 200% of current rate

If true than if it’s only fined-tuned for the first epoch than we would pay only half the cost of base model.

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We’ll clarify this in the documentation.

If you were to fine-tune a Davinci model on the dataset of size 100k tokens for 4 epochs, you would pay 100 * ($0.06 / 2) * 4 = $12


How to get access for Davinci fine-tuning?

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Follow the instructions in the documentation.