What is the long-term plan for pricing?

I understand that GPT-3 is a beta version. What are the plans for the future and the pricing? Is pricing going to stay the same, lower,… ? Any numbers, data and documents to read on this ?

Thank you

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With competition and rapid advances in tech (like Cerebras WSE-2) I personally expect cost will drop by half every year, possibly faster.


I sure hope so. Current prices leave for very minimal margin with B2C facing products (depending on your application of course). A drop in pricing would result in much more space to scale especially for start ups.

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I’m waiting for “only $9.99 a month you can have unlimited tokens! Unless of course you’re a business…click here for a quote.” :grin:

The other thing is memory and database requirements, as well as better and better systems.


If GPT-4 arrives, and the model size grows by as much as many hope (1 Trillion+ parameters), then it would likely cost more to run than GPT-3 would. So even if GPT-3 prices would come down by half, then I would expect that GPT-4 could be double what we’re paying now for GPT-3… unless they somehow find a magic way or running it less expensively. Everyone talks about the much faster exponential growth of AI relative to Moore’s law, but if you look at the data, the main contributing factor is the willingness to invest more money in AI solutions… the exponential growth of dollars is a bigger factor than hardware or algorithms. So a bigger GPT-4 would likely be expensive but still worth every penny :slight_smile: