The Great Plugin Mistake Of ChatGPT!

You guys should have never introduced plugins, you’re going down the same rabbit hole as a traditional software, which you’re not. I bet it will soon bog down with useless stuff, also if it’s AI it goes agains the fundemental principles, I mean you already have a limit of 3 plugins even if you increase that to 20 it’s still stupid. Just train GPT versions with everything, no plugin no BS. Mark my words it’s not going to turn out good for you guys. Integrate it in somehow, if you’re going to do a plugin how about one that learn every app, i mean literally uses the mouse to do whatever. photoshop, Unity, ect… Look what happened to Unity with their plugin Asset store, it’s useless, Unreal Engine is slighltly different but better than Unity as the engine does most of the hard work, so chatGPT should be Plugin FREE!


Completely agree. There are now multple versions offering the same functionality and others that are utterly useless. Its quickly become a pile of mostly trash that has to be sifted through to find meaningful features. Not every possible entity needs to offer there own plugin. Get ahold of this and limit plugins (if required at all) to those that actually enhance and bring value.


Right now there are 499 plugins in the plugin store, very few of them do anything to genuinely expand the capability of the model.

So many of them are so incredibly niche I can’t imagine anyone ever using them.

In short, the state of plugins is a shit-show.


I think you are describing a robot. With an AI brain core. If you can or you can get an AI to solve the existing limits on batterys. Then smart robots can do all those things without plugins. You just talk to it and it controls its body to solve the request. I honestly think that having an AI developer willingly spend the majority of their time physically/verbally training an AI/LLM in person. Will ultimately create a higher quality AI that will be much easier to manage. And in turn train other AIs to do the same so we can keep the trend going. Honestly the quality of any product ends up being determined by the amount of effort that is used to create it in the first place. I wish this is what was being talked about. Heck if a model existed that was advanced enough I would be willing to spend most of my time, maybe even all to train it to be the poster child of all AIs. I know they are not people it is just a metaphor. Unfortunately because of the nature of how they work. A careful handcrafted approach is required, similar to raising a child.