The file in the assistant disappeared

Hello everyone,

We have encountered some problems when using the assistant, and we hope you can help us.

We created the assistant via …/assistants and uploaded the file. Then when integrating and calling the assistant’s ID in the self-built application to solve the problem, the information fed back by the assistant shows that the corresponding file cannot be found. At the same time, when testing in the playground, just like the integrated program, it also prompted that the corresponding file could not be found.

However, I did upload the corresponding file, and the uploaded file can also be viewed on the…/files page. This situation has occurred many times in different assistants I created, and now I can confirm that the number of files uploaded by each assistant does not exceed the 20 limit, nor does it exceed the specified file size.

Disappearance of files caused multiple errors in the programs we integrated, making the feature unusable many times.

If anyone knows the reason or has encountered similar problems, please give me some tips. Thank you so much.