Assistants - Dissapearing documents

Has anyone else experienced issues with documents dissapearing after attatching them to assistants in the playground? I have uploaded a set of documents to the assistant and have saved them, but when testing in the playground or refreshing they seem to dissapear.

I checked the attatched documents via the API and it tells me no files are attatched to my assistant. I have tried creating a new assistant and adding files via the API, which seems to make them stick, and have also enabled retrieval. However, when I ask the bot a question it is unable to access any of the documents. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Having the same problem. I add the files through a python script the response shows the files added to the assistant but the cant see them on the playground.

I’m not sure what you mean by “disappearing” but I have had occasional scenarios where the assistant was unable to access an uploaded document. However, this behavior only happened when I was still at the Free Tier level.

I assume you enabled “Retrieval” tool on your assistant.