The Limitations of ChatGPT

Although at first, when i discovered this AI, i was doubtful of it’s ability, until i tried it, and honestly i’m pretty surprised and no doubt everyone else is, the fact that it’s also capable of immediately giving ideas and prompts in seconds once you ask for something specific is pretty incredible, and i’ve also tested out its limitations, for example i tried asking for fictional scenarios, in which it’s response is pretty somewhat accurate and good for example i’ve tried asking on how specifically people would react if the sun and moon were to swap in a second? How would they react if theres a bacteria that would cause diarrhea every 15 seconds? In which it responded quite accurately surprising me, i’ve also tested out by giving it random articles and test what it would do with random data, and telling it to compile them or summarize and even make essays out of it, and in which was incredible at doing so, as some data were from beyond the date of it’s final training for it’s data for example 2022 and 2023, although to summarize my feedback, this is quite incredible, and im interested to see how far this AI goes in development.


The most impressive is, that you can discuss with the bot - it recognices the context very good.

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