Language learning tool with API

It’s amazing that ChatGPT can speak Chinese and English at the sametime.
I am a developer and I’m going to develop a tool so that I can learning English with it , which will help user use familiar language when need.

I wonder which speach service the ChatGPT voice communication use?And anyone has more suggestions?
Thank You!

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

ChatGPT speech (TTS) is a custom inhouse design, so it is not using an existing solution, currently it can speak most languages but with an American accent, it also has some troubles with some Chinese words, and may miss some entirely, this should get better with time and more training.

Glad you are enjoying the AI!

Thanks for your reply! But is there any cloud service can achieve the goal? Such as Azure tts?

I’ve only played with 11labs and OpenAI’s TTS, not really in my wheelhouse, perhaps other forum members may have more experience.