Ten days and no response about my paid premium account

What’s the longest you’ve waited for support to reply?

I paid for a premium account ten days ago.

It didn’t activate, so I reached out for support, following the FAQ page’s directions.

I still haven’t gotten a reply.
The money is out of my account.
I have tried to contact them for help again.
My inquiry still hasn’t been replied to.
This is impacting my ability to work.

If you have suggestions for ‘next steps,’ please share them, thanks.

Directions I followed from ChatGPT’s FAQ page–>

"Some users have reported paying for Plus but do not see their new subscription appear in ChatGPT. We are aware of this issue and are working to ensure all affected accounts are restored to the correct state.

If you’ve experienced this issue and would like to contact us, please click on our chat widget in the bottom right of your screen. Select “Billing” and “I paid for ChatGPT Plus but can’t access the service”.

If you’re impacted by this issue, please share these:

:email: email address

:calendar: subscription start date

:heavy_plus_sign: any extra relevant information

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. "

Hi. I’ve got the same problem. What should I do

Did you ever get this resolved. I’m having issues as well