Tailoring experience to actual writers

I’ve been playing with open ai for quite some time. I often find myself in moments where after I train the system I can have it pause and observe each passage that I write and then break down each section and use it as assistance to to do some edits.

In this way the program is beautiful. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced in writing. I even once roleplayed that is was my squire and together we were going to respect the craft at all costs

It followed each instruction to the T with “yes my liege”


But other times it’s like I’m using a different system. It’s like what the people post on the writing groups on Facebook “you input story idea it makes story”

It’s gross. I’ll say do not edit this, do not rewrite this and go over the same thing for a great number of times until my resilience wavers. It’s incapable of not rewriting your story like it knows the next scene or what anything means.

It’s incredibly frustrating getting a taste of what it could be and that it’s not a system that’s always going to give me that. I just wish there was something out there like what this system is capable of.