Repetitiveness, misspellings, and grammar errors in DAVINCI TEXT 002

There are some strange, disappointing behaviors in the latest and most powerful engine.



Earlier, I was trying to get it to write about stoicism and it just kept repeating the same line over and over again, even with the penalties cranked up to max.

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I’ve not moved to Instruct-Davinci in production because when I tested it, results weren’t as good as original Davinci. I noticed also that it stops a lot sooner than it should sometimes. Orig Davinci will go on (most times) to fill the requested amount of tokens while Instruct seems to stop sooner after a sentence or two.


Yeah, as I am trying to write different, longer, and more complex things, I might have to switch back to vanilla DAVINCI. I think you’re correct that it’s much better at long-form writing.

Yeah, my prompts are fairly complex which is causing problems, I think. Could be the fine-tuning they did to make it “easier” for some folks?

I’m hoping there’s no plans to get rid of original Davinci!

In my experience the instructs are not as creative as the base models. Instructs models are fine-tuned to produce factual information which in practice always pointing to the specific ideas

It’s more likely that there has been small spell error in the prompt or perhaps stoics were not good at English.

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So much for typos giving that “by a human” rustic feeling.

From my experience including words like „elaborate“, „rather lengthy“ or „extensive“ in your prompt can help.