Support custom baseURL in Assistants Playground

Would love the ability to set a custom baseURL for the Assistants Playground API. The UI is so nice, and if OpenAI Assistants are going to become a standard, then I believe it’s important to support the open source community surrounding it.

This is specifically related to my efforts to produce a 100% spec-compliant, self-hosted version of the Assistants API in OpenOpenAI on GitHub.

I’m guessing authorization is the most difficult thing here, since it looks like the playground uses session cookies instead of API keys. I don’t think anything would need to change client-side to support the baseURL support change; e.g., it would be purely a client-side-only change adding one UI component and updating the client code to override the API baseURL if set.

The question is probably a lot more around whether or not OpenAI wants to support this feature, which is doubtful, but it never hurts to ask :smiley_cat:

Relevant link: GitHub - transitive-bullshit/OpenOpenAI: Self-hosted version of OpenAI’s new stateful Assistants API