Supabase ClippyGPT docs and multi-user API rates

I’ve been tasked at work to use OpenAI’s models to enhance our existing app.

For example, one use case would be to generate some sample JSON data that the user can then further modify via chat, and operate on it through the UI.

Currently, there’s no OAuth for OpenAI, and bring your own key approach is not allowed. Obviously, we’d like the user to be able to make a limited number of requests, because they cost money. Does this mean we’d have to implement our own payment model? Are there any plans for OpenAI to OAuth or something similar, except what we know in the comment above?

I’m also curious about Supabase and their docs using GPT: how do they protect themselves against abuse from malicious users, or just users making them cost too much money? You don’t have to log in, and you can just search their docs using GPT, which means we’re using their org key, albeit through an endpoint (we don’t have direct access to it.)