Suggetions ChatGPT Subscription Pricing in the Indian Market

Dear ChatGPT Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing to provide feedback on the current subscription pricing for ChatGPT-4, specifically in the context of the Indian market. While the service is undoubtedly valuable, the current rate of $20 per month is quite high for many individuals in India. Consequently, only a few people may be able to afford or justify this expense.

I would like to suggest considering a more affordable pricing model tailored to the Indian market, perhaps in the range of $3 to $4 per month. By lowering the price, you could significantly increase the volume of subscribers, thereby potentially generating a larger overall revenue while making the service accessible to a broader audience.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I believe that adjusting the pricing model could benefit both the company and its users in the Indian market.

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@azharuddin_pathan Welcome to the forum.

$20 does seem like a lot for the Indian market. Are you able to get by with using the free version?

Maybe switch between OpenAI and Claude free accounts, when hitting the usage limit.

I agree on this. I am in the tax slab of higher income, but even I found 20$ per month rather too costly, so I don’t use it. If you really want to target Indian audience, you will have to reduce the subscription cost. Similar to what Netflix did during the pre-covid times, the strategical price reduction move which boosted their Indian users by multiples of tens. Now, everyone has Netflix. OpenAI should consider reducing the cost to under 10$.

I would say 10$ is also too much.
Students like me use it a lot. And i found 20 subscription way too much even tho I am from a middle class family. 20 and 10 is something my parents won’t accept to buy. They should reduce it to 5 or maybe below. (I agree it cost a lot to make such computing power for user prompt but in India if you want to Target audience, than go for young people the new gen and very few new gen would like to buy 20 or 10 subscription, over here we share a 2$ monthly Netflix subscription to upto 4 people. 20 $ is out of the question)