Suggestions to improve openAI chat Gpt

Dear OpenAI development team,

I would like to make some suggestions to enhance ChatGPT and make it even more useful and efficient for users. I believe that implementing the following hidden commands could significantly improve the user experience:

  1. Command to disable superfluous phrases: It would be helpful to have a command that disables repetitive apology and warning phrases, allowing for more concise and direct responses. This would reduce the amount of unnecessary text in the answers.

  2. Command to activate objectivity mode: A command that enables ChatGPT to respond in an objective manner, based on evidence, data, and realistic information. This would be especially useful when conducting scientific analyses or seeking fact-based answers.

  3. Command for flexible response formats: It would be interesting to have a command that facilitates formatting the results according to user preference. This could include options such as plain text, lists/bullet points, mind map structure, pros/cons analysis, explanatory framework, summary/synthesis, report-style, or exhaustive hypothesis exploration, among others. This would help organize and visualize information in a more suitable way for each context.

Thank you for considering these suggestions and for your ongoing work in improving ChatGPT. I am confident that these additions would provide an even more satisfying user experience, allowing for more direct, objective, and adaptable responses to various needs.

Best regards,
Tiago Brandão

Dear magnifical team,

I would like very much you could enhance ChatGPT with a tagging feature, so it would be possible during a conversation to specify to which answer I am referring in the current request. It would be useful for example in code writing, where the user could refer to a specific answer inside different answers to build the next request.

Thank you so much.

this is small thing ,you sholud add short key on keyboard to stop generate, and also show the key on the button , it will effect very efficiently, thank you :face_with_hand_over_mouth: