Suggestion: Integrate Art Generation AI to ChatGPT

If I ask ChatGPT to paint me Monalisa eating Shrek birthday cake, it will generate ai art.

Potential to do business with OpenArt.AI or other art generating AI platforms.

Is it more beneficial to create your own art generating AI?

You mean like this :slight_smile:

There are a few issues here that I think are worth noting, for people who end up thinking about this.

  • Try as I may GPT-4 (correctly) wants image generation to be “async” and not delay anything in the flow. ChatGPT does not really have mechanisms of dealing with async jobs, so this would be a rather complex change there. In Discourse we have mechanisms for this eg we can create a special: [generate=image description here] piece of markdown that handles this…

  • Dall-E is far behind midjourney and even some interesting Stable Diffusion models on 2 counts. 1 the deny list of words is oppressive, 2 the actual images it generates is not on par with latest diffusion models.

  • Getting this done right, will take tons of iterations, (regenerate image, fine tuning images, etc…)

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