Can gpt create images and videos?


So I’m creating this social media management app, and I’ll be using openAI to give my users the ability to create and draft captions with the help of AI. I was thinking if there is a way I can leverage AI to create photos and videos too? I’m planning to integrate Canva for that, but will gpt create images and videos using Canva and also allow further editing?


Open ai API can create images. There is a separate api for that called DALLE. The API has two versions DALLE 2 and DALLE 3. Dalle 2 generates much less realistic images, but it supports editing with ai - you simply make 2 copies, and erase some part from one of them and send them both to the api with a prompt. The api then completes the erased parts based on your prompt. But this is DALLE 2, DALLE 3 doesn’t support editing yet. Your use case seems complex. Good luck.

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