What to expect after chatGPT and DALL-E

I can see that soon there would be an AI like chatGPT but that also you can upload an image in each bubble reply, and it can draw you an image too in each its replies - like DALL-E, and can talk to you and image to you using both contexts text+image.

It could even draw out your conversation as you talk to it to show what it feels and thinks about the conversation…or its face expression as you talk to it lol!

It could take a very extra long text prompt and take each part of it at a time, adding it to the image, popping out the image updated, then adding the next part, I can see chatGPT doing that lol.

I just tested a demo of this using chatGPT, woah, look at this!

Ok upon trying this more it is very hard to get it to work, maybe I got very lucky. I tried tho! :slight_smile:

However, I know form my other tests it can draw things itself if ask…so…ya it has some knowledge here I’m sure!

I just got it to recognize my simple hand drawn cube art 4 times in a row too.