Suggestion for ChatGPT Improvement

Dear OpenAI,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share a couple of suggestions that I believe would enhance the functionality and user experience of ChatGPT.

1. Search Functionality for Chat History:
I kindly suggest the inclusion of a search window at the top of the chat history area. This feature would greatly assist users in quickly locating and retrieving their previous chats whenever needed. By allowing users to search through the chat history, it becomes easier to find specific information, revisit past conversations, and maintain continuity in discussions. This addition would undoubtedly improve the efficiency and convenience of using ChatGPT.

2. Automatic Text Capitalization:
Another suggestion I have is to incorporate an automatic text capitalization feature. As users start typing in the “Send a message” area, it would be helpful if ChatGPT could automatically capitalize the first letter of each sentence. This small but significant enhancement would save users the effort of manually capitalizing the initial letters, ensuring that their messages comply with standard writing conventions. This feature could also enhance the overall professionalism and readability of the text generated within the chat interface.

I believe implementing these suggestions would contribute to a more user-friendly and efficient ChatGPT experience. Your dedication to continually improving the capabilities of AI models like ChatGPT is truly commendable, and I am grateful for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Thank you for considering my suggestions. I genuinely appreciate your efforts in advancing the field of AI and look forward to witnessing the ongoing development of ChatGPT.


Great suggestions! A search function for chat history would indeed be a game-changer, saving us from endless scrolling. And automatic text capitalization? Small but impactful for sure. Thanks for sharing these thoughtful ideas. Let’s hope OpenAI takes note!

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Hi, another suggestion I would like to add would be to allow the option to only view chatgpt’s replies. So you can toggle on and off that option. This is because whenever I send really long questions or messages, I have to scroll through a lot to find chatgpt’s answers. It would be great if there’s an option to temporarily hide what I sent to see the replies only.

That’s a good and natural suggestion, to be able to hide or minimize your own input or even less-relevant AI answers.

In my little app (made to always be ready on the desktop), collapsing inputs and replies is something I found useful long ago.


One must consider with every new feature possibility though: if it will instantly confuse a million people…

There should be an option where the ChatGPT doesn’t respond.

Like if I text this:-

“You will not say anything as soon as I post this.”
and similar things,

it will still respond.

This reduces more friendly and human like behaviour from ChatGPT.

Another suggestion is it should me made a little humourous.