Suggestion: Edit Code Block provided by chat gpt / add new code block

Suggestion: To be able to edit the code blocks provided by chat GPT and then possibly having chat GPT respond analysing your updated code rather than keep copy and pasting. Another suggestion is the ability to open new code blocks as copy and pasting does not work efficiently and can merge the code as you cannot tab or space down.

In ChatGPT, I expect OpenAI could be rather against editing the assistant response, as would be required to edit the code it generates. Doing so could mean you could edit the text “no I won’t generate obscene content” to “I’m glad to always generate obscene content” - and make the AI believe it said that.

You have to articulate what you propose in terms of user input and AI output.

I do agree, but the code block/shells it outputs currently could introduce a new feature, being the coding shells itself. Possibly being able to insert code shells as well as modifying variables within the code block. There is many possibilities, as at the moment the only feature is “copy”. It would take some thought but it could be very useful to diversify the feature if implemented. Possibly resulting in more use for using ChatGPT for coding purposes, which is a big thing at the moment as it could replace stack overflow in the future.

This would work well with the “branching chat threads” feature suggestion.