Creating Branching Threads

I use ChatGPT mainly for worldbuilding. I thought of a feature which would greatly improve the experience of anyone who works on any long-term complex projects with ChatGPT.
Let’s say you have a thread where you build a context for your project which took a lot of back and forth between you and ChatGPT. Then you want to ask a question that deviates from the topic but one that cannot be answered without that context. For organization purposes you want to ask this question in a separate thread but that would mean you have to create the context again.

I propose two options which would solve this problem:

  1. Branching threads - similarly to Git there’d be a master thread which you could use to create branched thread which would be empty but would now have the context of the master thread.
  2. Grouped threads with a shared context - this one is pretty self explanatory. Let’s say there’s a folder with several threads and if you ask a question in thread A, referencing something from thread B, ChatGPT would be able to answer because those threads share the same context.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would find this feature useful.


I would also find branching threads very useful!

I envision a “new thread” button, in the Copy/Upvote/Downvote section of each response. When pressing this button, a new chat opens with the entire conversation up until this point, but not including anything AFTER the selected point in time.

My main usecase is, that I have a chat about an idea with ChatGPT but at some point it derails because I sprinkled in bad ideas. I would like to go “back in time” to continue the conversation in another way. The “create new thread from here” functionality would be fantastic to solve this issue


To branch off, click on the stylist icon at your desired location. This will create a new branch for you to work with. You can switch between different branches as needed. I hope this information helps.

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I too think this would help dramatically, since many times we’re in the middle of a complicated guided config to install/configure some server capability and we hit a snag in and early item of the instruction, forcing us to ask for clarification about that item. So the conversation is taken adrift, and when we finally solve it, we have to scroll back to the point where we left. Not only tedious, but also we have to re-ask, and the chat gets longer and longer.
So what about an ability to branch the conversation just to clarify an incidental point? Something like this:


Agree this feature would be amazing. There are a couple of other projects doing similar - MyGPT and another YouTube video I found (not allowed to add link). Would be great if this was part of the official app.

My add-on suggestion would be for ChatGPT to propose new threads automatically… it should be able to recognise when a conversation is going “off topic”, and give options: “Do you want to create a new thread ‘Title of new thread’ for this? Yes/No/Never”


Absolutely! I too use it for world-building and creative writing and sometimes I just want to feed it a ton of background info and then pursue different threads from it. This would be an amazing feature that would save me doubling (and even tripling, quadrupling, etc) feeding the same base info to work from in multiple threads (and using up all my ChatGPT 4 limited uses ina way that feels unfair!)

Very much needed feature for my use case with language learning. Hope to see it soon!