Feature Request: Targeted Text Modification loop

Purpose: To alleviate confusion during discussions caused by excessive text from complete code output regeneration.(But I think this will be useful for other uses, not just code)

Proposed Concept:

  1. The output engine should initially maintain a record of row numbers in its outputs.
  2. For minor modifications that do not require a full code rewrite, the chatbot should have the capability to selectively edit specific rows, removing and regenerating them as necessary. Or just output row numbers and new row and some other script will handle the replacement.
  3. After this editing process, the chatbot should recheck the entire updated code for consistency. Should any errors be identified, the procedure should loop back to step 1.
  4. Finally, the chatbot, or other mechanism should highlight the edited rows for clear visibility. Additionally, the original versions of these rows should be displayed in a side panel for reference and comparison.

Feature may be optionally enabled by switch in standard chat, when enabled, chat “Pauses” and future prompts alter previous chat response and not produce new ones.

I expect that this is what copilot will eventually turn into.

I’d have done it myself if I had the time, maybe it’s a product you could develop?

Näh, I’m really slow at coding, and have work to do, so by the time I will make it done, OpenAI will introduce this feature by themselves anyway :smiley: