Subject: Decline in Image Quality with DALL-E 3 After Extensive Use - Seeking Advice

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community for some insights into an issue I’ve been facing with DALL-E 3. As a regular and subscribed user, I’ve noticed a significant drop in the quality of the images generated by the tool, especially after extensive use or when making multiple requests of a similar nature.
In the past few weeks, this problem has become more pronounced. Initially, DALL-E 3 produced stunning and high-quality images, but recently, the outputs have often been subpar, sometimes even reaching what I would describe as ‘catastrophic’ quality levels. This happens particularly after I’ve made many requests in a short period or when I try to generate variations of the same theme.
Has anyone else experienced similar issues with DALL-E 3? I’m trying to understand if this is a common problem or something specific to my usage. If you’ve encountered this and found a solution or workaround, your advice would be greatly appreciated!Thanks in advance for your help!
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Here are a terrible result after i asked for the same prompt than before (three animals antropomorphic talking out loud after a dinner, cartoon oil painting). Two first requests of the day. The first one went fine.


Here is the 1st one.

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Yes the same has happened to me. When I first start using DALL-E it is great. The quality declines with each regeneration for me as well. Once I have been using it for about an hour EVERY image is terrible quality. I agree with “catastrophic”. I had a image so bad I thought to myself it was something I would see in my nightmares. DALL-E even asked me to take a break my generating. I was going to take a break anyway cause the terrible quality was frustrating lol

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