Stuck at 'Created fine-tune: ft-X'

The fine-tuning is stuck at the initial phase for hours. There is no queue shown.
I am using python openai module.

I think I would restart your fine-tune, the system had an issue and likely reset, see

Thank you for the response.
I think this is a new issue or the not completely resolved previous one. I have retried multiple times, but the issue persists.

Can you post your command sequence and any system logs you have?

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Hi @artur.zhdan.g

You can pass the fine-tune ID to the retrieve fine-tune endpoint to get list of all the events associated with the fine-tune job.

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The events are the following:

  object: 'fine-tune',
  id: 'ft-X',
  hyperparams: {
    n_epochs: 4,
    batch_size: null,
    prompt_loss_weight: 0.01,
    learning_rate_multiplier: null
  organization_id: 'org-X',
  model: 'curie',
  training_files: [
      object: 'file',
      id: 'file-X',
      purpose: 'fine-tune',
      filename: './dataset_prepared.jsonl',
      bytes: 31453601,
      created_at: 1688228689,
      status: 'processed',
      status_details: null
  validation_files: [],
  result_files: [],
  created_at: 1688228690,
  updated_at: 1688228690,
  status: 'pending',
  fine_tuned_model: null,
  events: [
       object: 'fine-tune-event',
       level: 'info',
       message: 'Created fine-tune: ft-X',
       created_at: 1688228690

Then you just need to be patient and let it train.

Try the request again after sometime to check the status.

Ok, just to check, do you have a payment method assigned to your account?

and also this might be worth a look Fine Tune Completion not stopping - #2 by sps

Yeah, I have a payment method assigned.
Thank you for your responses. I was worrying because the fine-tuning usually moves to the ‘queue stage’ in a minute or so, but now it takes several hours (or more). I will wait more


I have exactly the same problem could you solve your problem or did you just have to wait longer?

any news? currently in the situation you were 20 hours ago :smiley: I have a workshop tomorrow with some students and I’m hoping it’ll be done by then

Any news? I’m still stuck for a couple of hours now…

For any future readers:
I just waited for a few hours and fine-tune was started.

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