Stream of consciousness of a plastic bag

I prompted GPT-3 to describe “the feelings and adventures” of a plastic bag, and edited the result to my liking.

Who else believes that automated writing techniques could one day enable humans to develop new forms of empathy with animals, abiotic life forms and even objects?

A fragment:
“This time I am feeling free. I feel free. I am free from the hands of a person. I don’t see a single person. I am an on-going sight on the streets of the city. I am floating. I float through the sky, through the city, feeling light and in the height of the clouds. I’m at the bottom, my time in the sun is short for I am shoved in a dark corner and put in a puddle. I am wet. I am dirty. I am a plastic bag, an on-going sight on the streets of the city. I float again through the air, but not for long. I can see people and buildings below me. I can see everything. (…)”

The full text can be found on my Medium-page:


Love this one. Just read this to my son who said, “Wow, that flows really well.”


:heart_eyes: Thanks, Ryan.

There’s something cool in the repetitions and the making-it-up-as-you-go cadence. It’s like a vanilla beat-poem! Wish I could send it to Patti Smith.

She’s got a Substack I subscribed to. Worth checking out. She’s an art goddess for sure.

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Do I secretly wish I was a plastic bag?

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It’s in ups and down even for plastic bags, Bakz. One moment you fly up high, the next you’re in a puddle.


You’re right … Maybe not