Strange issue about ChatGPT changing plug-in's result

I write a simple test sample to search book with keyword. As you can see at following context. User ask a book about diary. Plug-in return 3 books, one is named “葛瑞的囧日記”. But ChatGPT rename it to “蔚藍的困日記”. The behavior is incorect and strange. “葛瑞的囧日記” is an existed book and there is no book named “蔚藍的困日記”. Why it rename it to a different name.

[User’s prompt]

[Plug-in’s return]
{ "keyword": "日記" }


{ "found": true, "keyword": "日記", "list": [ "旅貓日記", "葛瑞的囧日記", "安妮日記" ] }

[ChatGPT’s reply]

  1. “旅貓日記”
  2. “蔚藍的困日記”
  3. “安妮日記”
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Maybe your plugin should tell ChatGPT to show the users the exact book names and do not change them in any way?

I modify description_for_model at ai-plugin.json to tell ChatGPT not to change information. But the result is same. I think it modify the name for some unknown reason since the change is permenant for only few book name. For others book name, they are correct. It is strage behavior.

I use replit and it is public. If you want to try, you can check it. I didn;t publish it so you need to move it to your side.
So far the book “葛瑞的囧日記” and “鄰人的犯罪” will be changed.

Plugin for providing information about metawave bookstore. Please don’t change replied information. Use keywords ‘locate’, ‘products’, and ‘about’ to prompt the plugin.
[My replit]