A iterate about Pluginpedia

I am Twox, the author of Pluginpedia. Recently, due to the rapid growth in the number of ChatGPT plugins, the method of Pluginpedia returning all plugin information at once may have exceeded the number of tokens that the model can accept, which leads to many hallucinatory responses. The model can make up many non-existent plugins. Therefore, I decided to iterate Pluginpedia by judging the plugin category to which the user’s question belongs and only return plugins in this category. I found in the test that it can effectively solve the problem of hallucination, so I hope to launch the iteration. This iteration will not modify the ai-plugin file, but will change an interface from get to post. I would like to know if this modification will lead to the removal of the plugin.

Hey! I am the author of WeatherWiz. Good work with PluginPedia!

I searched for the category weather using the plug-in but cannot find WeatherWiz. Why do you think it is not popping up?

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how about this? it now can be found.

That is not WeatherWiz, it is not hosted on vercel.

The name of WeatherWiz is WeatherWiz.

So the WeatherWiz is not in the store?

Sorry, it is WeatherWhiz.