Plugin gets data but responds incorrectly

i’ve created a plugin to integrate to my Home Assistant instance (Home automation hub). I ask it questions and it gets the correct data from my API, but then just makes up the results.

For example, i’ve asked it "What time did the temperature in the living go above 21°C. It gets all the history data of the temperature changes in the living room, but then just makes up a time that isn’t in the data.

Anyone got any suggestions on how i can limit it’s “creativity”?

It sounds like you need the documentation given to openAI to be more verbose. You can also add another endpoint specifically for temperature, and getting temperature data. My plugin chatsshplug, uses timestamps for logs, and chatgpt reads in clearly, but the endpoint will only respond with a empty JSON array or a JSON array containing JSON objects with a timestamp and a text line and it is made clear in the documentation given to openAI.

Web Pilot also have the problem,plugin get the right content,but gpt4 also give answer by the url.